If your BenQ projector fails to detect the 4K content or can’t play 4K content successfully, you can try the following troubleshooting solutions.

BenQ Projector 4K Playback Failure

4K Detection Failure

The first step is to ensure that your BenQ projector is compatible with 4K. If yes, you can check the following troubleshooting methods.

Check your HDMI cable. The HDMI cable should be HDMI 2.0/2.1 to support different refresh rates. You can try a different connection cable to see whether it works.

You may be interested in HDMI 2.0 vs HDMI 2.1.

Please check the OSD setting. Firstly, the HDMI EDID should be set to Enhanced. Then, the 4K upscaling enabled to upscale all inputs to 4K resolution.

Check the connection. The projector can be connected to the external device directly.

For 4K streaming, you need to make sure the wired or Wi-Fi bandwidth is above 25Mbps.

4K HDR Failure

Firstly, make sure the BenQ projector has 4K HDR compatibility.

Check the signals and refresh rate. Most projectors only have compatibility with 4K resolution at 24/25/30/50/60 Hz.

Here are the compatible HDR signals for common BenQ projectors.

  • 4K/60p (60 Hz) 4:4:4 supports up to 8bits
  • 4K/60p (60 Hz) 4:2:2 supports up to 12bits
  • 4K/60p (60 Hz) 4:2:0 supports up to 12bits
  • 4K/24p (24 Hz) 4:4:4 supports up to 12bits
  • 4K/24p (24 Hz) 4:2:2 supports up to 12bits
  • 4K/24p (24 Hz) 4:2:0 supports up to 12bits

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