The projector needs a lot of heat dissipation during operation, and the resulting noise will also become louder. So, how to deal with the loud projector noise?

  1. Ventilation and heat dissipation. When using the projector, do not cover it with a dust cloth, otherwise more heat will be accumulated in the machine and the exhaust fan will make more noise.
  2. Regular dust removal. Some people may find that the projector is used, and the noise has become a lot louder. In fact, this is related to the projector dust. Generally speaking, the longer the projector is used, the more dust accumulates inside. Too much dust will affect the heat dissipation of the projector. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly dust the projector to dissipate heat smoothly, thereby reducing noise.

  1. Choose home improvement materials with good sound-absorbing effect. If the walls of the home are relatively smooth, when the sound hits the wall, it will echo and increase the noise. In this way, we can configure some sound-absorbing wooden furniture, curtains, carpets, etc.
  2. Increase the man-machine distance. If the economy allows, you can choose to install the projector in a ceiling-mounted way to increase the distance between man and machine and reduce noise through physical means.
  3. Replace the cooling fan. If there is a problem with the cooling fan of the projector, it will make a lot of noise when it is working. Usually we can also apply lubricating oil to improve its running performance.

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