The projector needs a lot of heat dissipation during operation, therefore, projectors will inevitably produce some noise. But when the projector became too loud, there should be some reasons that makes the noise too loud. So, what is behind the loud projector noise?

The reason why the projector is noisy

  1. Appearance design. In order to better integrate into the home style, the projector unit is usually designed to be relatively compact, and the surface opening rate is lower, which also compresses the heat dissipation space.
  2. The fuselage has a lot of heat. The noise of the projector comes from the cooling fan. If the body of the projector has a lot of heat, the cooling fan needs to speed up the heat dissipation, and the noise will be greater.
  3. Man-machine distance. Home projectors are generally placed on desktops, coffee tables, and bedside tables. The closer the viewer is, the easier it is to detect noise.

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