Hisense PX1 are featured with game mode settings, which make Hisense PX1 perfect game projector for game aficionado. Follow the tip to know how to set up the powerful game mode on Hisense PX1 projector.

Hisense PX1

Game Mode Settings Steps

Enabling game mode

Press home button to select settings icon, and select Picture > Picture Mode.
You can select the Game mode to optimize the TV’s settings for you to enjoy a comfortable gaming experience with PC or game console connected to the TV.

Hisense PX1

In the Game Mode:
• Reducing input lag to make sure every press or click matches what’s happening on the screen;
• Improving responsiveness to produce very little motion blur;
• Processing YUV 4:4:4 format signals precisely to present accurate image colors.
• This function may not be applicable in some input sources.

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