We know that the optical fiber interface of the TV box is not directly connected to the optical fiber Internet, so are the interfaces on the projectors the same?

1.What is S/ PDIF


The full name of S/PDIF is Sony/Philips Digital interconnect format, which is a civil digital audio interface protocol jointly developed by Sony and Philips. It has become a civil digital audio format standard because of its wide application. A large number of consumer audio digital products such as civil CD player, DAT, MD machine and computer sound card digital port support S/PDIF. There are also many interfaces of this standard on some professional devices.

2. S/ PDIF interface

S/PDIF is a civil digital audio interface protocol developed by Sony and Philips. It can use RCA (Lotus cable) to transmit stereo signals.

S/PDIF interface is widely used in CDs, sound cards, and household appliances. Its main function is to improve CD sound quality, improve signal-to-noise ratio and give us a more pure auditory effect. The performance of the application of S/PDIF technology on the sound card is that the sound card provides S/PDIF in and S/PDIF out interfaces. If there is a digital decoder or a speaker with digital audio decoding, you can use the S/PDIF interface as the digital audio output and use the external DAC (Digital-Analog Converter) for decoding to achieve better sound quality.

2. What is the use of S/PDIF interface

It generally has the following applications.

1. Output sound source to MD

We can connect the MD Player to the S/PDIF out interface through an optical fiber cable. With this interface, it will be much more convenient.

2. Digital speaker playback

If you are worried about the sound quality of the sound card will be poor due to the electromagnetic interference inside the computer, you can transmit the digital sound processed by the sound card to an external speaker. Then you can have a clear and pure sound playback.

3. DVD audio decoding

Though the CMI 8738 sound card already has the six-channel output function, it can also directly output the DVD audio signal to the decoder or just connect to a home theater device to get better results.