Some Epson projector users may come across image problems, for example, vertical bands, static, or noise on the image.

How to Fix these problems? Here is a guide for different conditions.

Condition 1

You can check the cables connecting your computer or video source to the projector.

Note: They should be separated from the power cord to prevent interference, securely connected at both ends, and NOT connected to an extension cable.  

No longer than 10 feet (3 m) for VGA/computer cables or 24 feet (7.3 m) for HDMI cables.

Condition 2

You can check the settings on the projector’s Signal menu to make sure they match the video source. If available for your video source, adjust the Deinterlacing and Noise Reduction settings.

Condition 3

You can select a computer video resolution and refresh rate that is compatible with the projector.

Condition 4

If you are projecting from a computer, press the Auto button on the remote control to automatically adjust the tracking and sync. If the problem remains, display a uniformly patterned image on the screen and manually adjust the Tracking and Sync settings.

Condition 5

If you had adjusted the image shape using the projector controls, try decreasing the Sharpness setting to improve image quality.

Condition 6

If you had connected an extension power cable, try projecting without it to see if it caused interference in the signal.

Condition 7

If you are using the USB Display function, just turn off the Transfer layered window setting in the Epson USB Display Settings program on your computer.