XGIMI H2 supports 3D videos play. But many beginners have no idea of how to watch 3D videos. Here is a guide for you.

1. Play Videos

When you play videos using XGIMI H2, you need to short press the setup button on the remote and select the 3D setting.


When the screen is combined and a blurred picture appears, you can wear 3D glasses and adjust the buttons on the 3D glasses until you can see the image clearly.

2. Wear 3D Glasses

Just watching movies in the cinema, you need to wear 3D glasses before watching 3D videos.

Here is a guide for you to wear 3D glasses.

XGIMI 3D glasses

You need to press the power button, and one flash of the green LED light means the glasses have been turned on.

If your 3D glasses are in low battery mode, the green LED light flashes 5 times continuously, then 2 times every 10 seconds, which means that you need to charge them.

When using 3D glasses, the first press would turn it on, the second press would adjust the image quality, and keep pressing it to adjust the 3D effect on glasses until​ the image is clear.

You need to choose the up/down 3D or left/right 3D effect when playing videos on XGIMI H2.

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