You should try to avoid the following actions to prevent your Nebula Projector from Audio or Image Delay.

Nebula cosmos
Nebula Cosmos
  • Use a low-quality HDMI cable to connect Nebula to an HDMI output device.
  • A poor connection or the HDMI output device connected to your Nebula.
  • A Bluetooth speaker is connected to your Nebula at the same time when it is connected to another output device through HDMI, which may cause the data transfer and decode process more complex and lead to an audio/image delay.
  • When there is something wrong with the Nebula itself, such as out-of-date firmware, system settings, or an excessive amount of cache on the projector.
 Nebula Solar
Nebula Solar

How to Solve the Problem?

  • Update the firmware on your Nebula projector to the latest version by selecting Settings > Device Preferences > About > System Update.
  • Try to connect the Nebula to another HDMI output device (e.g. a computer, a Fire TV Stick, a TV box) through HDMI only without connecting the Nebula to an external speaker via Bluetooth.
  • Change the project mode on your Nebula to “game” mode through the steps given below, especially when you are doing a game streaming experience.
  • Long-press the “settings” button on the remote after entering the HDMI input interface and the “Menu” option will come out.
  • Select “Picture Settings” and enter “Picture Mode”;
  • Choose the “game” option.
  Nebula Solar Portable
Nebula Solar Portable

Reset your Nebula by going to Settings > Device preferences > Reset when nothing changes after trying all the above steps.

The tips above are applicable for Nebula Cosmos, Solar, and Solar Portable. May the tips can solve your Nebula Projector HDMI Audio/Image Delay.