How should the projector be connected to the power amplifier? I believe this problem is really a big problem for people who start with projectors. I’ll share two methods of connecting projectors to power amplifiers: wired connection and wireless connection.

Method 1: wired connection

Wired connection is to directly use the audio cable to connect the power amplifier. One end is connected to the audio port of the projector and the other end is connected to the power amplifier equipment. We need to purchase the corresponding cable to connect the power amplifier based on the interfaces of the projector. S/ PDIF optical fiber interface, HDMI interface, and 3.5mm audio interface are the three common interfaces. The corresponding cables are optical fiber audio cable, HDMI cable, and 3.5 audio cable respectively. Among the three interfaces, the optical fiber interface and HDMI interface are very common. Let’s take a look at the 3.5 audio cable.

S / PDIF optical fiber interface connection method:

1. Use s / PDIF optical fiber audio cable to connect the projector with the power amplifier

2. Just switch the sound output mode of the projector.

HDMI HD cable connection method:

1. Connect one end of HDMI to the projector interface supporting arc return;

2. The other end is connected to the HDMI interface of the power amplifier;

3. Switch the sound output mode on the projector to HDMI (arc return).

3.5 Audio Cable Connection Method:

1. Connect the 3.5mm audio head in the 3.5 audio cable to the 3.5mm audio interface on the projector;

2. Connect the lotus plug of red and white colors to the lotus interface of different colors.

If you use an old projector with only an RCA interface, you only need to buy a two-to-two lotus head RCA Audio cable and connect the interface of the corresponding color.

Advantages of wired connection: high sound quality, and even basically lossless by improving the quality of the audio cable.

Disadvantages of wired connection: it requires a long line. If the line is not laid in advance at home, it can only be exposed outside or on the ground, affecting the beauty of the indoor environment.

Method 2: wireless connection

Wireless connection is through Bluetooth connection. The old power amplifier may not have a Bluetooth function. You can buy a Bluetooth transceiver. First, put the running wireless Bluetooth audio close to the projector.

Bluetooth connection method:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth power amplifier and enter the Bluetooth pairing mode;

2. After turning on the Bluetooth function of the projector, select “scan to find a device” and successfully pair with the corresponding device to complete the connection.

During Bluetooth pairing, you can turn off the Bluetooth function of the product first, which can help the Bluetooth pairing connection between the projector and the power amplifier.

Advantages of wireless connection: no audio cable is required, and there is no requirement for line laying at home

Disadvantages of wireless connection: because it is connected through Bluetooth, the sound quality will be poor

Generally speaking, the two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The specific choice depends on the users’ needs. It is also worth mentioning that the built-in speaker of the smart projector is also quite good.