1. What is RCA

RCA, standard video input interface, also known as AV interface, is usually a pair of white audio interface and yellow video interface. It is usually connected by RCA (commonly known as lotus head). When in use, it only needs to connect the standard AV cable with lotus head with the corresponding interface.

The AV interface realizes the separate transmission of audio and video, which avoids the degradation of image quality caused by audio / video mixed interference. However, since the video signal transmitted by the AV interface is still a luminance / chroma (Y / C) mixed video signal, it still needs the display equipment to separate the luminance / color and chroma decoding before imaging, This process of first mixing and then separation will inevitably cause the loss of color signal, and the chroma signal and brightness signal will have a great opportunity to interfere with each other, thus affecting the final output image quality.

AV interface also has certain vitality, but it can not be used in some occasions pursuing Visual limit because of its insurmountable disadvantage of Y / C mixing.

2. Summary

Almost all projectors, televisions and broadcasting equipment on the market are equipped with this interface. However, since entering the HD era, the utilization rate of AV interface has been greatly reduced. AV interface is an early interface. It is composed of yellow, white and red lines, of which yellow line is the video transmission line, and white and red are responsible for the sound transmission of left and right channels.

turned on LED projector on table

As a universal interface, AV interface is the standard interface for many non HD devices. In non HD playback devices (such as TV set-top box, MP4 player, etc.), it is convenient to connect the projector through this interface. You can watch TV with the projector, or use mp4 instead of PC as the playback device, which saves the trouble of connecting the computer. Of course, when playing HD content, the AV interface can not meet the needs of users.