Lumen is a measurement of light output or luminous flux. For projectors, the lumens usually refer to ANSI lumens. Therefore, many projector users wonder how many lumens 150 ANSI lumens are equivalent to.

ANSI is the standard brightness unit in the US and Europe markets. However, there are many lumen units on the market, including LED lumens, ISO lumens, or light source lumens.

LED lumens are claimed by several LED projectors, which measure the brightness sensed by the human eye. ISO lumens are measured under ISO 21118. Light source lumens indicate the brightness observed directly from a light source.

You can feel the difference in their brightness level by means of the picture below. Though the lumens figure is the same, the brightness measured by the ANSI standard is the brightest.

Therefore, you need to use an ANSI lumens converter to convert different lumen units. Here are the conversion equations.

LED lumen value ÷ 2.4 = ANSI lumens

1 ANSI lumens*0.8=ISO Lumen

Let’s see the main topic, 150 ANSI lumens = how many lumens.

If the lumen refers to LED lumens, then 150 ANSI lumens can be converted to 360 LED lumens.  If you convert 150 ANSI lumens into light source lumens, it can be converted to 4,500 light source lumens.

You can refer to the conversion for common lumens or brightness.

ANSI LumensISO lumensLight Source Lumens

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