Epson Home Cinema 3200

You should clean the projector if it becomes dirty or if the quality ofprojected images starts to deteriorate.The longer Epson’s projector is used, the more aging he is, so you need to clean it regularly.

Before you clean it,don’t forget to Turn off the projector’s power

1.Cleaning the Projector’s Surface

Gently wipe the projector surface with a soft cloth to clean the projector surface. If the projector is particularly dirty, moisten the surface of the projector with water containing a small amount of neutral detergent, then screw out the rag, and then use it to wipe the surface of the projector. There is one warning that do not use volatile substances such as wax, alcohol or thinner to clean the project surface. The quality of the box may change or change color.

2.Cleaning the Projection Window

Gently wipe the projection window with a commercially available cleaning glass cloth. Remember not to use flammable gas sprays to remove dirt and dust on the lens. The projector may catch fire because the temperature of the lamp in the projector is too high.

3.Cleaning the Obstacle Sensor

When the message “clear any obstacles interfering with the projection area” is demonstrate together with the warning sound, clean the obstacle sensor. Gently wipe the obstacle sensor with a commercially available clean glass cloth.

4.Cleaning the Air Filter

Clean the air filter and air inlet when the following message is displayed, “the projector is overheated. Make sure nothing blocks the exhaust port, and then clean or replace the air filter.”.