The recent launch of the JMGO N1S projector brings forth a compact and versatile addition to the world of projection technology. Let’s delve into the specifications of this innovative projector.

Appearance Design

The JMGO N1S projector maintains its signature feature of a cloud platform bracket, offering flexibility in positioning. With a predominant gray-white color scheme, its overall appearance exudes a sleek and compact vibe. The side features ventilation holes for heat dissipation, while the front houses the lens, making it suitable for viewing in living room environments.


The JMGO N1S projector boasts an actual brightness of 1200 CVIA lumens, making it less ideal for daytime use under direct sunlight. However, it still manages to project bright images even in the presence of ambient light. With a standard resolution of 4K, it ensures clear and detailed image reproduction, catering to the demands of large-screen viewing.


Powered by the MT9 series processor, the JMGO N1S projector delivers outstanding computational power, facilitating rapid decoding of local video files and ensuring smooth system operation. With a storage combination of 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, it supports the installation of third-party applications, enhancing its versatility and practicality.

Functional Features

Equipped with features like touch-free focusing and automatic trapezoidal correction, the JMGO N1S projector ensures that users can easily achieve square and clear projections from various angles. This functionality allows for effortless side projection installations, providing users with greater flexibility in positioning the device.

In summary, the JMGO N1S projector combines compact design with impressive performance and functionality. While it may have limitations in terms of daytime brightness, its high-resolution display and versatile configuration make it a compelling option for users seeking a reliable and adaptable projection solution. If you prefer higher brightness and a more vivid picture, you may consider Dangbei Mars Pro which use ALPD laser technology.