People who bought a home projector usually will get a projector screen to enhance the image quality. Don’t think it’s carrying coals to Newcastle; projector screens can play a quite critical role in the improvement of visual experience.

Glass beaded projector screens is one of the most common options for projector users. What to do if it gets dirty in daily use. How to clean a glass beaded projector screen?

It’s very hard to clean glass beaded projector screens

Due to the material traits of glass beaded projector screens, this kind of projector screen doesn’t allow us to clean them. Glass beaded screens generally consist of a fiberglass matt white substrate, to which a uniform covering of spherical glass beads has been adhered. So one of their cons is high maintenance. If there is dust accumulated on the surface, using a feather duster may help. But if there are some stains on the glass beaded screen, I’m afraid we could do nothing. Because the stains easily go into the gaps between those tiny glass beads, a forcible cleaning will damage the surface of the glass beaded projector screen.