In this guide, we will introduce some troubleshooting solutions for Optoma ZW350ST remote control.

Optoma ZW350ST Remote Control Troubleshooting

Firstly, make sure that use the remote control within effective range. This projector adopts an infrared remote control. The distance between the remote control and the sensor should not be longer than 6 meters.

Then, you can check the following items to troubleshoot the problem.

Check whether the battery of the remote control is sufficient.

Make sure that there are no obstacles between the remote control and the IR sensor on the projector that might obstruct the infrared beam.

Make sure the IR transmitter of the remote control is not being shined by sunlight or fluorescent lamps directly.

Please keep the remote controller away from fluorescent lamps for over 2 m or the remote controller may malfunction.

If the remote control is close to Inverter-Type fluorescent lamps, it might become ineffective from time to time.

If the remote control and the projector are within a very short distance of one another, the remote control might become ineffective.

Besides, when the Optoma ZW350ST projector is connected to a TV stick or other streaming devices, you need to use the remote control of the external device to control the screen.

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