How About Mounting Projector on a shelf? What are the pros and cons?

How About Mounting Projector on a shelf


  1. Shelf-mounts save money (assuming you already have the shelf). A good ceiling mount could cost over $200, although there are benefits that of course we discuss below.
  2. Shelves are easier to set up. Power outlets will be closer which means less cabling is required. They may also make maintenance easier, as it’s quicker to get to and clean the projector, or replace the lamp.


  • Ventilation can be an issue on inappropriate shelf mounts. Generally speaking, you’ll want at least 20 centimetres between an obstruction and the projector’s vent to help it keep cool, and this isn’t always possible on a shelf.
  • If you place the projector on a shelf, the image might be too high on the wall (especially if it’s a high shelf). ‘Vertical lens shift’ solves this problem, and is available on most projector devices.

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