Projector vs TV: Which Conusme More Power? TVs consume more electricity because the power of mainstream TVs is above 300W, while the power of mainstream projectors is usually 150W to 300W. In contrast, TVs with high power consumption will consume more power during the same usage time.

Compared with TVs, projectors consume more electricity. This is because the power of mainstream TVs is higher than that of mainstream projectors. The power of TVs is usually above 300W, and the larger the size of the TV, the greater the power. The power of the light source is mainly affected by the light source. If it is a light bulb light source, the power will be close to that of a TV. If it is an LED light source, the power will be controlled at about 150W. In comparison, projectors consume less power than TVs.

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Electric power refers to the work done by current in a unit of time, and is a physical quantity used to express the speed of consumption of electric energy. The electrical power of common appliances can be used to calculate the power consumption of household appliances.

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