As a precision electric appliance, the projector needs to be used in a correct way. In this guide, we introduce some tips to extend the lifespan for projector beginners.

Never touch the lens. That’s because the human hand has grease. If you touch it, there will be fingerprints on the lens, which will seriously affect the picture.

Do not clean the lens with cotton balls dipped in any liquid wipe. The fibers on the cotton ball tend to stick to the lens. Once the liquid evaporates, the fibers simply can’t take down. In addition, the lens on the coating is very delicate, and the liquid is likely to damage the lens film.

Do not blow the lens with your mouth. This allows saliva to corrode the lens coating.

Turn off the projector if you won’t use the projector. Projector has a limited lifespan of the light source, and long standby time will not only lead to overheating but exhaust lifespan.

projector lens

Place the projector in a cool and ventilated place. Ensure good ventilation around and do not place other miscellaneous items around the projector to affect heat dissipation.

Do not put the projector in a high-temperature environment, which is also not conducive to the projector’s heat dissipation. Clean the projector filter and vents regularly. Long-term overheating will result in broken parts.

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