Projectors are precision electronics, which require care and protection. This post will list 5 tips to extend the lifespan of your Nebula projector.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures.

You should keep your projector from extremely cold or hot environments. Do not use the projector under extreme temperatures. The recommended operating range for a Nebula projector is 0° C to 35° C.

  • Avoid battery overheat

You should avoid using it when the battery is overheating.

Battery overheating may permanently damage the battery capacity, unlike extreme cold weather which only reduces the battery capacity temporarily.

  • Use original or compatible chargers and cables

Never use chargers or cables that do not have exactly the same specification as the original one because they may potentially damage the battery.

  • Avoid completely draining the projector’s battery

It stresses the battery and also shortens the battery’s lifespan to drain the battery completely too often. Thus, do not completely drain your Nebula’s battery unless you’re calibrating it to let the software calculate the actual range of battery (draining the battery completely may help when your Nebula seems to not fully charge).

  • Unplug and turn off your Nebula After Use

Don’t keep your Nebula plugged in after use to avoid overcharge. You’d better turn it off after use to reduce the battery cycle, which helps to extend battery lifespan.

That’s all for the 5 tips that help to extend the lifespan of your Nebula projector. If you have any other questions about the projector, you can just leave me a message at the comment zone.