Can I watch TV shows on my projector? The answer is absolutely yes. Question is how? Keep on reading you will find out it’s quite simple.

Most of the market available projectors are perfect alternative for your HDTV or CRT TV. It’s one of the reasons that contributing to the growing popularity of projectors nowadays.

How to watch TV on a portable projection?

Before watch TV on a portable projector, you need to prepare a projector with the right HDMI cables or TV streaming stick compatibility. And to remember, the higher lumen your projector gets, the better job it can do in serving as a TV substitute.

Then you may link your projector up to your cable, satellite box and whatever TV stick you have. Now you are able to start watching TV on projectors.

One of the biggest advantages of watching TV on projector is that it’s more visually comfortable even after a long-time viewing. Since the LCD screen is much brighter and can cause visual fatigue easily.

It’s so convenient that more and more people choose to place a projector instead of a television in their living room or bedroom. Afterall, isn’t it cool to switch swiftly between cable and online video resource with one single device?