The Xming Q5 projector, the latest addition to the Xming Q series, has garnered attention in the market. This article aims to delve into its various parameter configurations to help users understand its capabilities.

Optical Engine

The Xming Q5 utilizes the PhotonX fully enclosed customized optical engine, addressing common issues associated with open optical engines such as light leakage, dust ingress, poor heat dissipation, and noise. This advanced optical engine sets the upper limit for projection image quality while enhancing the projector’s longevity.

Image Quality

With an actual brightness of 280 CVIA lumens, the Xming Q5’s brightness performance may not suffice under ambient lighting and is best suited for use in dark environments. However, boasting a native resolution of 1080P, it delivers clear and detailed images, meeting the demands for large-screen viewing.


Powered by the Tencent Launcher system, the Xming Q5 offers access to a vast array of Tencent video resources, facilitating online streaming. With 32GB of storage space, users can download numerous third-party applications, enhancing the projector’s versatility.


Featuring automatic focus and keystone correction, the Xming Q5 ensures quick adjustments for distorted images, while intelligent obstacle avoidance and automatic screen alignment maintain optimal image quality. These features simplify the process of selecting an appropriate installation location.


Equipped with a swivel bracket, the Xming Q5 supports 360-degree adjustment, enabling ceiling projection with ease. Its 2*3W speakers deliver immersive surround sound, enhancing the viewing experience. Moreover, with HDMI, USB, and audio interfaces, the Xming Q5 offers enhanced connectivity, allowing seamless connection to various devices such as computers and USB drives.

In summary, the Xming Q5 projector offers a blend of advanced features, making it a versatile option for users seeking an immersive viewing experience.

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