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What’s the Difference Between Laser Projectors and LED Projector?

LED projectors use a semiconductor chip to produce light. Electricity causes positively charged electrons to meet negatively charged electron holes, which produces light. As for

ONOAYO ONO1 vs Emotn C1 projector
LCD Projectors

ONOAYO ONO1 vs Emotn C1: Which is Better?

ONOAYO ONO1 and Emotn C1 are both LCD projectors using LED as the light source. What are the differences between them? Which one you should

Laser Projectors

XGIMI Horizon Pro vs Dangbei Mars Pro | Which One is Better?

Dangbei Mars Pro and XGIMI Horizon Pro are both high-end 4K home projectors. XGIMI Horizon Pro has been on the market for nearly a year

YABER V2 vs Emotn C1
LCD Projectors

YABER V2 vs Emotn C1: Which is Better?

YABER V2 and Emotn C1 are both LCD projectors using LED as the light source. What are the differences between them? Which is better? The


Emotn H1 vs Anker Nebula Solar|Projector Comparison

Emotn H1 and Anker Nebula Solar are both portable projectors with similar specifications, but Emotn H1 is much more affordable than Nebula Solar. In this

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TOPVISION T6 vs Emotn C1: Which is Better?

TOPVISION T6 and Emotn C1 are both LCD projectors using LED as the light source. What are the differences between them? Which is better? The


$100-200 projectors tested: 1080p, spend a little, get a lot.

The author tested 8 of Amazon’s bestselling budget projectors in the $100-200 price range and compared them to some high-end projectors including a $700 projector


Lamp & LED & Laser Projectors Comparison

What’s the difference between Lamp, LED and Laser projectors? LED projectors: Longer lamp life – Up to 30,000 hours Less heat Better portablity Lower Cost

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Pros and Cons of Halogen and HID Projector?

Long gone are the days when the movies were only for the theaters, and you could watch serials on television. Now, you can entertain yourself

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HID Projectors are better than Halogen ones

The best projector can turn your darkroom into a small theater and help you enjoy the best entertainment ever. Several types of projectors with numerous

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What is the difference between a halogen projector and HID projector?

What can be a better option to turn your living room into a high-end home theatre? All bells and whistles are for the projector, which

GooDee W80 vs Emotn C1
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GooDee W80 vs Emotn C1: Which One is Better?

GooDee W80 and Emotn C1 are both portable LCD projectors. Many potential buyers wonder which one they should buy. This article will compare Emotn C1


Fengmi 4K MAX VS Wemax D30

This post compares the new projectors from Fengmi and Wemax, the Fengmi 4K MAX and the Wemax D30 with respectively 4500 ANSI Lumens and 3000


Fengmi R1 vs Wemax One: Which is Better?

A real comparative review between Fengmi R1 and Wemax One in terms of image performance under different environments. You can see their side-by-side image performance

ViewSonic PJD5155 and Epson EX3240

Epson EX3240 vs ViewSonic PJD5155| Projector Comparison

ViewSonic PJD5155 and Epson EX3240 are both SVGA projectors, which one is better? Here is a Side-by-side comparison of the Epson EX3240 and ViewSonic PJD5155,

Tonzo Ls 525 vs Tonzo Ls 850

Tonzo Ls 525 vs Tonzo Ls 850: Which One is Better?

Tonzo is a popular brand in Indian. Tonzo Ls 525 Projector and Tonzo Ls 850 Projector are both smart projectors of the Tonzo LS series.


Projector Review:Yaber Pro V7 Vs Yaber V10

This video is a quick comparison of Yaber Pro V7 and Yaber V10 Projector. These 2 projectors are the latest projector from Yaber Tech company

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JMGO J10 VS Dangbei X3: which is better for you?

JMGO J10 and Dangbei X3 are flagship home projectors with similar market position and close price tag. Many readers want to know which is better?

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JMGO O1 Pro vs JMGO O1: What’s the Difference?

JMGO O1 Pro is a new product of JMGO. Compared with JMGO O1, the new version has improved a lot. You can see the table


Lamp vs LED vs Laser Projectors – What’s The Difference?

A quick video discussing the differences between Lamp Projectors, LED Projectors, and Laser projectors as well as the benefits of each of the technologies. Video