GooDee W80 and Emotn C1 are both portable LCD projectors. Many potential buyers wonder which one they should buy. This article will compare Emotn C1 and GooDee W80 from different dimensions.

You can have an overall understanding of their difference by means of the table below.


Emotn C1 adopts contrast color in terms of color matching. Specifically, it uses elegant white as the main color and fluorescent yellow as the embellishment. The overall style is young and fashionable.

GooDee W80 has a simple and brief design. The main color is white and the front is black.

Both of the two projectors put their main lens at the front-left side. The keystone and focus are both adjusted by manually rolling the rotating shaft.

What makes Emotn C1 special is that it has a groove, which can work as a phone stand. You can put the phone in it when using the screen mirroring feature for a long time, which both saves space and saves effort. The long groove and side bars are made of silica gel, making the touch soft and comfortable.

In terms of dimension, GooDee W80 is slightly smaller than Emotn C1.


Emotn C1 has an image contrast of 5,500:1 while GooDee W80 is 3000:1, meaning that Emotn C1 has more details in terms of image. Both of the two projectors have an image resolution of 720P.

The brightness of Emotn C1 is 8500 lumens, much brighter than GooDee W80’s 7,000 lumens.

Let’s have a look at the image comparison.

Emotn C1 Image
GooDee W80 Image

Both of the projectors project an image up to 200 inches and support keystone correction and focus adjustment.

Screen Mirroring

Both of the two projectors support wired and wireless screen mirroring for Android devices and iPhone devices.

UI of Emotn C1

However, the UI of Emotn C1 is simpler and better. Emotn C1 explains wired and wireless screen mirroring methods for Android devices and iPhone devices on the page. Users can quickly know the operation.

Compared with Emotn C1, the UI of GooDee W80 is relatively complicated and messy. The explanation and guidance on the operation page are in a mess.

UI of GooDee W80

In addition, Emotn C1 can send out its own hotspot signal, enabling users to mirror in an environment without a Wi-Fi signal.


Emotn C1 is equipped with various ports, including 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 VGA port, 1 AV port, 1 Aux 3.5mm audio output, and 1 SD/TF card port, supporting TV boxes, computer, phone, DVD player and other external devices.

Emotn Ports

GooDee W80 has relatively fewer ports, including 1 AV port, 1 HDMI port, 1 VAG port, and 2 USB ports.

GooDee W80 ports


Both of the two projectors support keystone correction, manual focus, wired and wireless screen mirroring. Emotn C1 performs better in terms of appearance design, image quality, screen mirroring, and ports. GooDee W80 is slightly smaller than Emotn C1.

If you pursue high image quality and smarter features, you can just pick Emotn C1.