Emotn C1 is a new projector released recently. Many projector fanciers want to know about its appearance and performance. In this post, I will have a review of the cute projector from different dimensions.  


The package box of Emotn C1 includes a projector, remote control, power cord, user manual, HDMI cable, and AV cable.

The projector uses white as the main color embellished with fluorescent yellow color, which makes it vivid and lively. The overall color matching is simple and vibrant, suitable for home use.

The main lens is on the left side of the projector, which looks simple and elegant.

On the top, there is a lemon-yellow long groove working as a phone stand. As the groove and sidebars are made of silica gel, and therefore the touch is soft and comfortable.

You can put your phone in it and have no need to hold it all the time when using screen mirroring, which is convenient and labor-saving.

By rolling the gear-like knobs next to the groove, you can adjust focus or start keystone correction. There is a trapezoid bar on the knob to protect fingers.

There are several shortcut keys nearing the phone stand, including a golden “OK”, two composite arrow keys, one on/off key, one menu key, one switch key, and a Bluetooth key.

At the back of the projector, there are various interface ports, including 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 VGA port, 1 AV port, and 1 Aux 3.5mm audio output.

The two sides of the projector are outlet and heat dissipation vents.


When you power the projector on, you can see the brief and elegant homepage.

The UI of the projector is brief and grand. It includes four main sections, screen mirroring, Media, Input, and Settings, which are easy to operate and comprehend.

You can operate this projector conveniently and smoothly by means of shortcuts on the projector or remote control.


Emotn C1 adopts well-established LCD display technology, delivering a stable and clear image. It uses LED as the light source and has a life span of 50,000 hours.

The projector is rated at 120 ANSI lumens in terms of brightness. It has a standard resolution of 720P.

Through the picture above, we can see the image color is vivid and bright, which keeps true to the original color of the image.

In the other picture, the dark details of the hill can also be clearly seen. The transition of the color is natural and smooth. That is to say, the projector can well deliver the details of the night scene.

In a word, the image quality and brightness are higher than expected and overall image performance is good.

Screen Mirroring

Compared with common projectors, Emotn C1 projector is more powerful in terms of screen mirroring.

Emotn C1 supports both wired mirroring and wireless mirroring for both iPhone users and Android phone users. Emotn C1 can send out its own Wi-Fi signal, you can just connect the projector via its own Wi-Fi signal even though there is no local Wi-Fi signal.

Note here, you have to turn on your mobile data to play pictures or videos. This method is very convenient and practical if you use the projector outdoors.

For common projectors, the projector and mobile must be connected with the same local Wi-Fi signal to achieve screen mirroring.

Certainly, you can also connect the projector with your local Wi-Fi signal. Then, you can use wireless screen mirroring the same as common projectors.

You can just follow the cues that appeared on the screen to mirror your phone to the projector.

To get a better and stable connection, you can just mirror your phone via your USB cable.


Emotn C1 is a cost-efficiently high-end projector, it delivers fashionable design, clear and bright image, and various external connections. It is suitable for home users as it has a low cost but delivers good performance.

The projector now is available on Emotn official website at a retail price of $179.

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