JMGO J10 and Dangbei X3 are flagship home projectors with similar market position and close price tag. Many readers want to know which is better?

This article will review the two projectors from many dimensions. You can have a quick comparison by means of the picture below.

More detailed comparisons are as follows.

Appearance and Size

In terms of appearance and size, JMGO J10 is slightly smaller than Dangbei X3. In terms of color matching, JMGO J10 uses gray and black, while Dangbei X3 is whole black. Both devices look futuristic, while Dangbei X3 looks much grander.

On the front, Dangbei X3 uses IML floating panel. Dangbei X3’s lens is located at right side while JMGO J10 is left-sided.  

On the side of projector, JMGO J10 and Dangbei X3 have the same structural design, which adopts a bee-shaped design to assist the air intake and effectively isolate large particles of dust in the air.


JMGO J10 has a brightness of 2400 ANSI lumens, while Dangbei X3 has 3200 ANSI lumens, which means that Dangbei X3 has better daytime image performance than JMGO J10.

In addition, the light source of JMGO J10 is LED while Dangbei X3 uses Laser source.

Image Quality

The two projectors support same 1080P standard resolution and 4K maximum compatible resolution. Both of the two projectors perform better in image. Compared with JMGO J10, Dangbei X3 performs better in terms of color reproduction and brightness. The image of JMGO J10 tends to be blue-green.

System Parameters

Both of the two projectors are equipped with CPU of MT9669, a display chip of 0.47” DMD and a RAM of 3G. But Dangbei X3 has bigger system storage.


Danbei X3 has a slightly larger size than JMGO J10, but the former is much grander and more beautiful in appearance. Danbei X3 performs better in terms of system equipment and image quality.