LED projectors use a semiconductor chip to produce light. Electricity causes positively charged electrons to meet negatively charged electron holes, which produces light. As for laser projectors, a laser beam is created when a collection of electrons become excited by an electric current.

Laser projectors have grown in the recent past, with more smart projector models adapting this light source technology. Is a laser projector better than a LED projector? What is the difference between laser projector and LED projector?

Difference between laser projector and LED projector

  • Light source

Light source is the major difference between laser projector and LED projector. Laser projectors adopt solid state laser as light source while LED projectors adopt light emitting diode as light source. Both of these two light sources have a longer lifespan than traditional projector bulbs, making them grow in popularity. Also, a lot of consideration has been paid to their low power consumption. As an emerging technology, laser projectors cost more than LED projectors, but the cost has been falling as the laser technology matures.

  • Brightness

Both LED lamp and laser are eco-friendly in terms of lifespan and power consumption. But they vary in brightness, for LED lamp is constrained in brightness. Sometimes LED projectors would sacrifice color rendition to improve brightness. Laser projectors, however, can offer brighter and sharper images as well as high colors. Besides, they are good at ambient light rejecting, which means laser projectors are able to deliver clear pictures even in daylight.

  • Color

In terms of color reproduction, laser projectors perform better than LED projectors do. LED projectors offer a colorful image as well, but color distortion may exist. We did a comparison between the picture projected by laser projector and LED projector for your reference. You would see that laser projectors have a more accurate realism of image than LED projectors do.

  • Application area

LED projectors are mostly for home entertainment use, laser projectors have wider applications such as home entertainment, business, education and engineering.

Conclusion: Laser projectors perform better than LED projectors in most aspects, except that they are less budget friendly. But in the near future, laser projectors will cost less as the technology develops rapidly.