TOPVISION T6 and Emotn C1 are both LCD projectors using LED as the light source. What are the differences between them? Which is better?

The side-by-side comparison table below will help you to have a quick understanding of their differences.


TOPVISION T6 and Emotn C1 both adopt white as the main color, but Emotn C1 uses fluorescent yellow as embellishment, and the contrast color makes the projector fashionable and energetic. 

Both of the two projectors have a big main lens on the left front and two gear-like knobs for keystone correction and focus adjustment on the top.

On the top, TOPVISION T6 and Emotn C1 both have two rotary knobs for adjusting the focus and image and several short-cut buttons.

TOPVISION T6 adopts an uneven wrinkle cover on the top, which is easy to accumulate dust and hard to clean. Emotn C1 uses a roof-shape design, bringing a sense of depth.

In addition, Emotn C1 has a long groove made of silica gel working as a phone stand, which is convenient when using screen mirroring. There are two fluorescent yellow sidebars made of silica gel on the two sides, bringing a soft touch when you hold and move the projector.

The buttons of TOPVISION T6 are all white with the same shape while Emotn C1 adopts a golden OK button, making it special and grand. 

In terms of size, TOPVISION T6 measures 8.6 x 6.2 x 3.7 inches while Emotn C1 measures 8.85 x 7.32 x 4.25 inches, slightly bigger than TOPVISION T6.

On the whole, Emotn C1 performs better in terms of appearance and outer design.


TOPVISION T6 and Emotn C1 both use LED as the light source and adopt LCD display technology. They all support manual keystone correction and focus adjustment.

Both of the two projectors have a native resolution of 720P, but Emotn C1 is brighter.

TOPVISION T6 features7,500 lumens while Emotn C1 features 8,500 lumens, meaning that Emotn C1 has the better image quality and viewing experience under ambient light.

Here is the image quality comparison in the real environment.

We can clearly see the image of Emotn C1 performs better in color accuracy, details, and brightness. The image of Emotn C1 is much brighter and clearer.

Screen Mirroring

As the two projectors have no built-in system, the screen mirroring feature is very important. You need to play videos or display images by means of external devices, such as phones and computers. 

TOPVISION T6 can only mirror mobile phones by means of an external cable or adapter. The iPhone users need to buy a lighting to HDMI Adapter, and Android phone users need to buy a USB/Type C HDMI adapter, which is fussy and troublesome.

Compared with TOPVISION T6, Emotn C1 performs better in terms of screen mirroring.

Emotn C1 supports both wired mirroring and wireless mirroring for iPhone and Android phone users. It is remarkable that Emotn C1 can send out its own Wi-Fi signal, which supports wireless connection though there is no local Wi-Fi network. This feature is very useful when you go out or have a picnic.

The 2 screen mirroring methods are very easy to use. When you turn on Emotn C1 projector, you will see the mirroring guide on the homepage. You can learn the operation quickly even if you use it for the first time.

Smart Features

TOPVISION T6 and Emotn C1 are equipped with various ports, including 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 VGA port, 1 AV port, 1 audio output, and 1 SD/TF card slot, which are compatible with TV boxes, computer, phone, DVD player and other external devices.

But Emotn C1 is more powerful in terms of other smart features. Emotn C1 supports Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 5.1, enabling users to get more content resources. It has two working modes, Projection Mode and Bluetooth Speaker Mode.

However, TOPVISION T6 doesn’t support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


TOPVISION T6 and Emotn C1 are both multi-media LCD projectors, but Emotn C1 is better in terms of image quality, screen mirroring, Bluetooth connection, and Wi-Fi connection. If you want a projector with brighter, clearer images and convenient screen mirroring, you can choose Emotn C1.

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