LED lamp is one of the various lamps adopted in projectors. There are different types of Lamps used in Projectors:

  • Metal Halide lamps which include HID lamps or High-intensity discharge lamps and UHP Lamps or Ultra-High-Performance lamps
  • LED Lamps are long-lasting projector lamps
  • Lasers
  • Hybrid Projectors: A combination of LED and Lasers

Here we are going to talk about LED lamp. Short life span has always been one of the difficult problems in projector industry. The appearance of LED lamp has unveiled a new era of the development of projectors.

Compared with the traditional projectors, LED projectors come in longer lamp life, with the longevity from 10000 to 20000 hours, some of them are even longer.

LED is short for Light Emitting Diode, which has been applied in the display field and lighting field for a long time. It’s made of a semi-conductor that can emit light with electric current. Stronger the electric current is, the brighter will be the light.