Brightness is the most intuitive standard for evaluating the quality of projection. Many users still have misunderstandings that directly affects the purchase of projectors. Today, let’s clarify several misunderstandings about projector brightness.

  • Resolution is equal to brightness?

Many consumers often believe that the higher the projector output resolution, the higher the brightness, and the better the final output effect. In fact, the brightness of the projector has nothing to do with the output resolution, it mainly depends on the brightness of the projection bulb, the projector’s internal optical system and the reflection and transmission capabilities of the internal optical devices.

  • Does Lumen equal to brightness?

The brightness of the projector represents the energy of the light output of the projector, which is related to the power of the projection bulb and the size of the projection area. Usually, ANSI lumens are used as the unit of projection brightness. But “lumen” is not simply equal to brightness. In fact, lumens represent the amount of light beam projected on the projection screen, or an ability of the visual response generated by the radiation of the projection light source per unit time.

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