Under normal circumstances, many customers think that the higher the brightness of business projectors, the better. But actually, as long as it can meet the needs of conference room presentations, it is the best to use. The projector’s brightness is too high, but it will cause a waste of power. So what specifications of brightness should we choose to be the most suitable for business projectors?

When purchasing a business projector suitable for lumens, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the building structure such as the size of the conference room and the intensity of indoor light when determining the brightness of the business projector. If the conference room is large and the brightness of the conference room is high, then the business projector needs a larger screen size for playback; if there is no shading device in the conference room, you should consider purchasing a projector with a higher brightness.

How much lumens should we choose for business projector?

If the number of people in the conference room is less than 100, the projector with about 2500 lumens should be selected; if the number of people in the conference room is 100-200, the projector with about 3000 lumens should be selected; If the number of people in the room is more than 1,000 people, a projector with about 5,000 lumens should be selected.

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