Contrast ratio is the ratio of the brightness of the brightest area to the darkest area in the projector output image, that is, the ratio of white to black.

Contrast ratio can affect the gray level performance and color level performance of projector products. In terms of contrast ratio, the requirements of business machines and home machines are also different. Because the home projector is mainly used for watching movies, in order to express every detail of the movie vividly, the projector needs to have a strong level of expression, so the contrast of the home projector must be high, maybe many people have noticed that the contrast ratio of general home projectors, especially 1080P full HD machines, is basically above 10000:1, or even higher.

Business projectors are different. Business projectors mainly demonstrate some text, tables, PPT or short video files, etc. These things require relatively low level of picture, and the contrast of business projectors on the market can basically meet business presentations. demand. However, for companies with a lot of outreach activities and a high frequency of video file playback, you can consider purchasing a projector with a high contrast ratio.

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