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Does HDMI 2.0 Support 2K 144hz?

Yes, DHMI 2.0 supports 2k144hz, you only need to connect the HDMI2.0 interface of the two devices through the HDMI cable, and the display supports

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How to Choose Projector 3D Glasses: Passive Glasses vs Active Glasses?

3D glasses can have a significant impact on the quality of the viewing experience. There are two main types currently on the market, passive and

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Misunderstandings Must Be Avoided When Choosing a Home Projector

Brightness is the most intuitive standard for evaluating the quality of projection. Many users still have misunderstandings that directly affects the purchase of projectors. Today,

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How to Select Audio Output on VAVA Chroma Projector?

Here is the detailed guideline for you to know the steps to select audio output on VAVA Chroma Projector. How to selecting audio output On

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What is Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR) Projector Screen?

What is CLR projector screen? The CLR screen, short for ceiling light rejecting screens, generally is used to go with an ultra short throw projector.

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Ambient Light Rejecting Screen – How Does It Work?

If you already own a home theater projector, to get the most enjoyment from the home entertainment, choosing a decent projector screen would be the

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What is 4D Keystone Correction in Projectors?

Projector users must be familiar with keystone correction. It is a feature that allows you to put your projector less accurately and still get a

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How to Connect Dangbei Mars Pro Projector to Wi-Fi?

Connecting Dangbei Mars Pro projector to Wi-Fi can be simple. Following these two methods, you can easily connect Dangbei Mars Pro to the network. You

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What is LED Projector | What Does LED Mean?

LED lamp is one of the various lamps adopted in projectors. There are different types of Lamps used in Projectors: Metal Halide lamps which include

projector DMD chip
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Faux-K Projector: Difference Between 0.47 DMD and 0.66 DMD

You may know 4K projectors are divided into True 4K projectors and Faux-K projectors. The major difference between True 4K and Faux-K is whether the

True 4K vs. Faux-K | All You Should Know About 4K Projector
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True 4K vs. Faux-K | All You Should Know About 4K Projector

4K video format has become a mainstream, and more and more 4K projectors are hitting the market. But don’t think that any 4K projector you

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Variable Focus Projector and Fixed Focus Projector

When choosing a projector, we’ll notice in the specs there are variable focus and fixed focus. What’s the difference between them on earth? The most

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Optical Zoom Projector vs. Digital Zoom Projector

Back in the past, the old-fashioned projectors are all featured with optical zoom function. They all got a dial or knob on them allowing users

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What is 3D Ready Projector? The Difference Between 3D and 3D Ready

You may have heard of 3D projector, but what is 3D ready projector? Is there any difference between them? 3D transmission format Firstly, let’s learn

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How to Connect Xbox to Projector?

When you are planning to play big screen game, but you don’t own any LCD screen back in home. What should you do? There is

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How to Test Projector Lamp is Bad?

Projector Lamp is a core component contained by projectors of all sorts, no matter a high-end one or a budget one, they are all counting

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What is D-ILA?

D-ILA refers to Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier. It is a technology developed by JVC, which delivers good performance, natural color reproduction, clear image, and high

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What is the RS-232C?

RS-232C is short for Recommended Standard 232 C. The letter C refers to correction, meaning that the standard is a corrected version. “232” is the

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Epson Projector Bulbs Replacement Guide

Many projector users don’t know how to replace the light bulb of the Epson projector. Here is a guide for you. Just follow the steps

ALPD 4.0
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What is ALPD Technology?

Many projectors may see ALPD in some detailed pages of trendy projectors. But what’s ALPD? Definition ALPD is the acronym for Advanced Laser Phosphor Display,