You may have heard of 3D projector, but what is 3D ready projector? Is there any difference between them?

3D transmission format

Firstly, let’s learn something about 3D transmission format. It’s necessary for you to know better about the difference between the 3D and 3D-ready. Currently, there are four most commonly used transmission formats, they are “frame-packing”, “frame sequential”, “side by side” and “checkerboard”.

How these four transmission formats work out, or what’s the difference between them? Let’s put these questions aside for the moment, since they are complicated and help little in clarifying the difference between 3D and 3D-ready.

3D projector and 3D ready projector

3D projectors are able to accept and display all these four mainstream 3D transmission formats. However, 3D ready projector can only deal with a limit number of 3D transmission formats. You may be confused and wonder “So would it affect my 3D viewing experience?” The answer is yes, the ability to analyze how many kinds of 3D transmission formats really matters a lot.

Especially when you brought a low-end 3D ready projector, which means it possibly can only accept and display frame sequential. So far, only a personal computer could send frame sequential format, set top boxes or Blu-Ray players don’t possess the ability to send frame sequential format. Frame packing and side-by-side, however, are the two most primary 3D transmission formats for video. Like I said, 3D ready projectors are normally incapable of analyzing these two important 3D transmission formats.

Can I buy 3D ready projector?

For educational use, like showing some stereoscopic chart or data model; or for gaming, like producing a three-dimensional visual experience, 3D ready projectors could bring great effect and give impressive output. However, this does not mean they can do a great job at home theater field. People who are looking to a 3D cinematic experience should think twice about purchasing a 3D ready projector.

If you are really eager to build yourself a genuine 3D home theater, you may get yourself a 3D projector. However, since the 3D technology is not widely available, a 3D projector inevitably comes with a big price tag. Plus, you would have to get a silver screen to match the 3D image output.

Hope this helped you get a clue about the difference between 3D projector and 3D ready projector now, if you got any other questions, please leave a comment below.

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