In the past, home projectors were mainly used to play movies, with no action command output, and no requirement for “input latency”. The game projector is different. It is a relatively new category, and it is necessary to overcome the bottleneck of “input delay” to meet the needs of players for large-screen games. Therefore, it is very important to choose a low-latency gaming projector.

When the input delay is too high, it would impact your performance in the gaming. For example, when you see the enemy and shoot, click the mouse to shoot, but you hear the gun after a little while , this is a manifestation of excessive delay. In some games with fierce competition or high accuracy requirements, it is extremely important to ensure low-latency input. Like refresh rate, there’s a perceptible range to the boost in input lag. When it is above 50ms, it is easy to feel the delay; normal players can hardly feel the delay below 50ms; game fanciers need a delay below 30ms.

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If you want to use the projector to play games, remember to check the spec of input latency or if the projector has a dedicated game mode before making a decision.

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