Long gone are the days when the movies were only for the theaters, and you could watch serials on television. Now, you can entertain yourself whenever you want by turning your cozy living room into a home theater. The right choice of Halogen projector or xenon projector can turn your room into the best place to have got together. Your favorite movie on a big screen can provide the best way of entertainment with your buddies. Therefore, it is the best time to think about this necessity of today’s life. Here are some pros and cons. We will discuss halogen and HID projectors, so you can get a better idea when purchasing for yourself. 

Pros of Halogen Projector

Halogen projectors have a great demand in the market. However, there’s no doubt they are one of the projector types available in the market. 

  • They provide clarity of image, excellent eye comfort to viewers, huge images, and customizable screen size. 
  • Furthermore, the throw ratio and the installation are easy to manage. These halogen projectors can add the best value to your home theater. 
  • Halogen projector provides you the choice to adjust your screen size according to your requirement. This future-proof adaptability of projectors can turn the table over old-school television with the limited screen view. 
  • Now, entertainment has no limit, and you can enjoy movies with your peers and organize a movie night at home.

Cons of Halogen Projector

Despite multiple advantages, halogen projectors have numerous issues that make them outdated. 

  • They are inexpensive and have easy-to-remove lamps. 
  • However, the headlight throw ratio is not as good as the modern one. 
  • The LED and HID projectors out rule the era of halogen projectors and replace them with their better features. 
  • Moreover, they heat up quickly and throw crispier and brighter light.

 Pros of HID projector

Good optics, color clarity, high resolution, better image, and best sounds are features you should keep in mind when buying a new projector. HID projectors or xenon projectors are some of the best projectors available in the town, with multiple outstanding features. There are several pros and cons for HID, but the positive feedback is more in circulation than negative. These projectors have better clarity due to the crispier light throw ratio than the former. Further, the premium and top-notch HID projector lamps are hard to gain heat. The resolution power is 100 times more than the Halogen one, and the clarity is ten times more than the previous one. 

The HID projectors are the best option to get a full-fledge package with premium services. However, the best screen material to pair up with the projector for a clear image and no re-reflection is also necessary. Sustainability influence, quality preserve, and features persist. That’s why HID projectors are way much better than the halogen ones these days.

Cons of HID projector

Undoubtedly, the unbeatable features of halogen projectors make it one of the hot-selling and most demanding projectors in the market. However, there are some cons linked to them as well. They are expensive compared to the halogen ones. Further, their lamps are hard to change. The high-intensity discharge is more intensive and brighter than others in the market and consumes more electricity than any other. Halogen and HID projectors both have multiple pros and cons simultaneously. Anyhow, the best one with exceptional features, including less heat generation, more light generation, premium brightness, and all other facilitative functions, has a top-notch reputation in the market. That’s why HID projectors are far better in terms of features. But, on the other hand, halogen ones are economical and budget-friendly.

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