The best projector can turn your darkroom into a small theater and help you enjoy the best entertainment ever. Several types of projectors with numerous lumens quantities are available in the market. However, the fittest is the one that has the light arc coming from a small size lamp with high luminosity. So naturally, the greater the luminosity is, the better the view you get from a projector. That’s why HID projectors are at the lead over halogen ones.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of both types.

Halogen Projector

Halogen gas blended with other gases helps reduce the cost of the product as a whole due to the high affordability rate and cost-effective nature. Moreover, they bear another fantastic feature which is energy-efficient. These projectors can run on low voltages and show the perfect color rendering index to fulfill your needs.

  • They are small but produce high lumens of significant energy levels to support the best view.
  • Halogen bulbs hold a small filament in the middle of the bulb.
  • In addition, the halogen projectors can deal with high and low light beams.
  • A small device can lighten a considerable area and brings apparent output differences.

HID Projector

HID Projector has whistle-blowing features that make it stand out in the market over other projectors. They hold a smaller size, but the wider area is coverable through the HID projectors compared to any other projector. Moreover, the energy levels for the support of the illuminating feature give the best output for the viewers.

  • An HID projector holds many premium and top-notch features that make it exceptional among competitors.
  • When choosing the best projector with premium focusing power and top-class image clarity, HID projectors are the best ones.
  • The bulbs hold tiny filaments in the whole area of the bulb.
  • The number of luminous bulbs with exceptional and extra-ordinary output views favors viewers to enjoy the incredible view.
  • You can get the best colors with classic combinations through HID.  
  • However, they are more energy and cost-consuming than halogen.

Which one is better

Undoubtedly, Halogen ones are at the lead on HID projectors due to their cost-efficiency and ease. However, when we talk about HID ones, they have a long lifespan and better results than the previous ones. That’s why xenon or HID projectors yields better focus and luminosity over halogen ones.