What can be a better option to turn your living room into a high-end home theatre? All bells and whistles are for the projector, which provides image clarity, zoom-in functions, and remote control. It will help you develop the most memorable moment of your life with your loved ones. 

However, there are multiple types of projectors available in the market, and you have to choose one of them. These projectors have their pros and cons with different specifications. Here, we will discuss some fundamental differences between the Halogen and HID Projectors.

 Halogen Projector

There’s a visible difference between projector headlights and reflectors. Most importantly, the halogen projector has cost-efficient halogen bulbs. These projector headlights use an older technology of halogen gas mixed with other noble gases to create an amazing combination. Moreover, they are easy to construct. In addition, there’s one benefit of using a halogen projector as they have reflectors that support directing the light output. That’s why, if a halogen is used in projector housing, it holds the distinction. 

Halogen ProjectorHID Projector
The halogen projector’s focal point is weak compared to the HID projector. Old technology A high or low beam of light. Affordable and reasonable price. Incandescent light bulbs.The focal point is much better than the Halogen projector. Advanced features with high prices. Different brightness adjustment levels. Xenon bulbs Emit light with high clarity and better focus A fluorescent lamp  

HID Projector

HID projectors are commonly known as xenon projectors due to the usage of xenon bulbs. The better clarity and great focal points with exceptional luminosity can turn your living room into a home theatre. Moreover, the unbelievable technological advanced features are controlled through a remote. These types of projectors have a longer life compared to any other. Further, the electric arc usage in the gas atmosphere can improve the luminosity features to a greater extent. It helps to achieve the best results. The better visibility due to the high lumen feature put it a step ahead of the Halogen projectors.

Why HID are better than Halogen projectors

HID projectors put greater visibility with image clarity and the best luminosity for eyes to turn a dark room into the soundest entertaining hub. You can play your video games on your personal larger screen. Further, the high-quality lumen bulbs in HID projectors create an excellent focal point to put the best image pixels without any blurring on the net. You can put it on your table or adjust it anywhere in your room. However, some of the features of the Halogen projectors are remarkable as they are budget-friendly and less energy-consuming.

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