S/PDIF interface is widely applied in projectors. But many projector beginners don’t know about the interface.

What’s S/PDIF Interface?

S/PDIF is short for Sony / Philips Digital Interface Format. Put it simply, S/PDIF is the audio input or output interface of Sony and Philips products. As it gets more and more popular, the S/PDIF interface has changed into a common civil audio format in the electronic industry.

S/PDIF is used for transmitting the Compressed audio signal.

In terms of transmission carrier, the S/PDIF interface can be divided into Coaxial and optical fiber. Optical fiber is mainstream nowadays. 

What Are the Functions of It?

1. Output audio source to MD 

We can connect the MD player to the S/PDIF Out interface via optical fiber.  With this interface, it is much more convenient.  

2. Digital speaker playback 

The digital sound of the sound card processed by the DSP can be transmitted to the external digital speaker through the S/PDIF Out interface. Then, the pure and clear sound can be played back. 

3. Decode DVD audio 

To get a better audio effect, the audio signal of DVD can be outputted to the decoder by means of the S/PDIF interface.