The Mars Pro is not only a 4K projector yet also has an optimum illumination of 3200 ANSI Lumens. One of the most crucial specification of a projector is its optimum brightness. To achieve such illumination, Mars Pro utilizes ALPD Laser Technology. With such high illumination, even if you turn on the lights like we do and forecast directly on a white wall surface, you can still see the web content of the picture clearly.The shade uniformity is good as well as there are no visible shade obstructs in any kind of area.

Dangbei Mars Pro

The back has a full complement of I/O ports. One headphone jack, two USB ports, two HDMI ports, one of which supports ARC, one LAN port, one S/PDIF and a power port. It also supports Bluetooth, 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi, so whether you want to connect a PC, PS4 or Bluetooth headphones, or whatever, the Mars Pro supports them all very well.

Dangbei Mars Pro interface
Hisense LG5 4K Projector

With all the streaming options available these days, there’s more great-looking 4K content out there than ever before. This projector-plus-screen combo lets you enjoy the range of 4K content now available on streaming services like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. It includes a built-in audio system with Dolby decoding, a pair of full-range speakers, and 30 watts of amplification.

Hisense LG5 4K Projector

Hisense L5G 4K Projector has 3 HDMI ports for connecting a Blu-ray player, gaming console, or home theater receiver. HDMI port 2 is compatible with enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC). There are also two USB ports: the rear port provides power to HDMI dongles or other devices, while the side port makes it easy to plug in a flash drive loaded with music or videos.

In this comparison, if UST is not your must have feature, Dangbei Mars Pro should be a more budget effective option.

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