Dxyiitoo S3 vs Dxyiitoo PD-201. Let’s find out which mini projector model is better.

Dxyiitoo S3 projector cliams to be native 1920x1080p resolution, Dxyiitoo PD-201 has 1280*720p resolution. The Dxyiitoo S3 image quality has brightness of 9800 lumens and the ultra-high contrast ratio of 10000:1, Dxyiitoo PD-201 has relatively lower brightness of 8000 lumens and the ultra-high contrast ratio of 8000:1, which is also lower.

The Dxyiitoo S3 screen display supports up to 300 inches, the Dxyiitoo PD-201 screen display supports up to 250 inches. Dxyiitoo S3 has 100,000 hours of LED lamp life that can be used for a long time, this is longer than Dxyiitoo PD-201’s 60,000 hours of LED lamp life.

They all provide users with 3 years warranty service. TheDxyiitoo PJ-109 projector is equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, USB-SM, HDMI, AV, and 3.5mm audio jack, which can be easily connected to a variety of media devices, such as TV boxes, DVD players, smartphones, tablet, HDMI-enabled devices, Dxyiitoo PD-201 has similsar connectivity interface, with one more Micro SD card slot.

Native Resolution1280*7201920*1080
LED Brightness7500 L8500 L
Contrast Ratio8000:01:0010000:1
Maximum Image Size250 inches300 inches
LED life60,000 hours100,000 hours
Built-in speakerYesYes
Smartphone Screen MirroringNOYes
ConnectityUSB,HDMI*2,VGA,3.5mm Audio,AV,Micro SDUSB*2,HDMI*2,VGA,3.5mm Audio,AV
Item Dimensions9.25*6.5*3.75 inches8.5*6.5*3.25 inches

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