Dxyiitoo mini projectors consisit with many model, this review will take a look at Dxyiitoo PD-201, to see how it it.

Dxyiitoo PD-201 Bluetooth Mini Projector has 1280*720p resolution. It provide clearer, brighter, and more colorful images with delicate and wonderful image quality. Dxyiitoo PD-201houses brightness of 7500 lumens and the ultra-high contrast ratio of 8000:1.

Efficient heat dissipation system is providede by the Dxyiitoo PD-201 projector, which substantially lowers fan noise as well as heating. Additionally, it is furnished with a sophisticated built-in dual-speaker system to supply outstanding audio high quality without exterior speakers. Even equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, you can quickly connect different Bluetooth speakers. If you wish to use one more audio speaker, you can attach through Bluetooth to make your event a lot more pleasurable.

Moreover, Dxyiitoo PD-201 Bluetooth Mini Proejector has long lamp life that is up to 60,000 hours, the screen size is rated at incredible 250 inch.

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