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Epson EF-12 vs JMGO J10 Projector Review: Which One Wins?

Epson EF-12 and JMGO J10 are home projectors with similar price tags, but they are different in terms of display technology and light source. Which

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How to Choose The Correct Size of Projector Screen?

Many projector beginners believe that the size of the projection screen is the bigger the better. They conceive of an ultra-big screen can give a

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JMGO J9 vs Dangbei F1 vs XGIMI H3: Which is the Winner?

JMGO J9, Dangbei F1, and XGIMI H3 are similar in market position. Therefore, they are frequently compared and discussed by potential buyers. Here is the

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The Top 5 Questions About JMGO O1 Pro

JMGO O1 Pro is a new product from JMGO. Many potential buyers want to know some details about the new product. This article collects and

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Optoma New Releases: ZX300 and ZW350

Optoma has announced two new entry-level projectors on Oct. 4, 2021. They are Optoma ZX300 and ZW350. The two compact projectors are for educational or

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CPU vs GPU: What are the Differences?

Nowadays, there are many projectors equipped with CPU and GPU. It’s hard to classify and tell the difference of them for beginners. What’s CPU? CUP

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What is ALR Screen? How it Works?

Many projector fans know that ALR screen can improve the image effect of projectors. This article will tell you the working mechanism of this kind

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How to Use Amplifier By XGIMI Elfin?

XGIMI Elfin supports amplifier. You can do as follows to use amplifier by means of your XGIMI Elfin. The projector offers two HDMI ports for

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JMGO J10 VS Dangbei X3: which is better for you?

JMGO J10 and Dangbei X3 are flagship home projectors with similar market position and close price tag. Many readers want to know which is better?

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Dangbei C2 vs Xming Q1: Which is Better?

Dangbei C2 is frequently compared with Xming Q1 because of their similar market position and close price. So, which one is better? Let’s firstly see

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How to Watch Netflix on JMGO O1 Series?

Netflix is a common multimedia platform. Many people wonder that how to watch Netflix on JMGO O1 Series. Do JMGO O1 Series support Netfilx?  

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Dangbei C2 Review: A Powerful and Beatiful Mini Projector

Dangbei C2 is a cute mini projector released in 2020, which is suitable for outdoors use. This projector has a small size but not compromised

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Full Review of Dangbei X3: An Excellent Laser Projector

Dangbei X3 is a flagship projector of Dangbei released this year, which is popular in global market. Today, we’ll review this laser projector from various

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TOGIC ONE, a Multi-Purpose Mini Projector for The Youngsters

TOGIC, an Android smart television operation solutions provider, unveiled a new mini projector, TOGIC ONE. It has a stylistic and beautiful appearance and a lively

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What kind of Screen Material You Should Buy for Your Projector?

There are too many kinds of screens made of various materials. How to pick a proper one for your projector? This article will list different

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JMGO U2 vs VAVA 4K vs HP BP5000 Laser Projector: Which is Better?

JMGO U2, VAVA 4K, and HP BP5000 Laser Projector are UST laser projectors. Many projector enthusiasts or potential buyers wonder which one is better. This

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How to Mirror the Screen of Your Device on XGIMI?

You can mirror all kinds of devices to your XGIMI projector, for example, smartphone, or laptops. This article lists 3 ways for you to stream

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SDR vs HDR: What’s the Difference?

SDR and HDR are frequently seen in projector specifications. So, what’s the difference between them? SDR refers to Standard Dynamic Range, which represents light intensity

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How Do you Calculate Screen Size or Throw Distance? Try This Projector Calculator

Many projector beginners wonder that how to calculate screen size and throw distance. It is not necessary for you to bother to calculate the size

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How to Use the Auto-focus Function of XGIMI Projectors?

XGIMI projectors support auto and manual focus. You can do as follows to use Auto-focus function. 1 Switch the function key on the remote control