BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50

BenQ GV11 is a new portable from the BenQ Portable Projectors Series, while BenQ GS50 is a hot projector released in 2021. What are the differences between BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50? Which projector is better? In this guide, we will compare the two projectors and helps you to know about the two projectors better.

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50: Overview

By means of the side-by-side comparison below, we can see that the new projector’s price is half of the BenQ GS50. On the whole, BenQ GS50 has better overall performance, including brightness, resolution, and audio.

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50: Appearance

BenQ GV11
BenQ GS50

In terms of shape, BenQ GV11 is like a blower while BenQ GS50 looks like a cube. As for color matching, BenQ GV11 is white while the GS50 projector has contrasting colors of green and white.

BenQ GV11 Package
BenQ GS50 Package

Regarding design, BenQ GV11 has many linear vents on the two sides which cannot be poured by rain or water. BenQ GS50 has IPX2 Splash Proof & 2.3ft Drop Proof, which is suitable for outdoor use.

Projector ModelsBenQ GV11BenQ GS50
Splash ProofNoIPX2
Dimensions (WxHxD)113.5 x 153.3 x 140 mm186 x 154 x 146 mm
Net Weight (kg)0.97 kg2.3kg

As for product size and weight, BenQ GV11 measures 113.5 x 153.3 x 140 mm and weighs 0.97 kg while BenQ GS50 measures 186 x 154 x 146 mm and weighs just 2.3kg. That is to say, BenQ GV11 is relatively light and small.

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50: Image

The two portable projectors are varied in terms of image resolution and image brightness. BenQ GV11 has 200 ANSI lumens while BenQ GS50 has 500 ANSI lumens. That is to say, BenQ GV11 is less bright than BenQ GS50. If you want to use the projector in a bright environment, then the BenQ GS50 is a good option.

As for resolution, BenQ GS50 has 1080P while BenQ GV11 has just WVGA (854×480). The higher the resolution, the clear the image. In terms of image size, BenQ GS50 is slightly bigger than BenQ GV11.

Keystone is also a key function for the projector. BenQ GV11 only supports vertical auto keystone while BenQ GS50 supports auto vertical and manual horizontal keystone correction.

Projector ModelsBenQ GV11BenQ GS50
Brightness200 ANSI lumens500 ANSI lumens
Native ResolutionWVGA (854×480)1080P (1920×1080)
Image Size30-100 In30-112 In
Keystone Adjustment1D, (Auto) Vertical2D, Vertical (Auto) & Horizontal ± 40 degrees

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50: Throw Ratio

The projector throw ratio determines the throw distance that a projector needs if the image size is fixed. BenQ GV11 has a throw ratio of 1.3 while BenQ GS50 has a throw ratio of 1.21. That means the throw distance of BenQ GV11 is shorter than BenQ GS50 when the image is fixed.   For example, it requires 2.1m to for BenQ GS50 to projecet 80 inches while it requires 2.3 meters for BenQ GV11 to project the same image size.

Projector ModelsBenQ GV11BenQ GS50
Throw Ratio1.31.21

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50: System

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50 are both powered by certified Android TV and support wireless screen mirroring. That means you can download various apps in the Google Play store and uses Google Assistant voice control.

Projector ModelsBenQ GV11BenQ GS50
Built-in OSAndroid 10.0Android 10.0

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50: Portability

When speaking of portability, the size, weight, battery, and wireless connectivity can’t be neglected. In terms of size and weight, BenQ GV11 is relatively small and light. Regarding the battery, BenQ GV11 has longer battery life though it has a battery with a small capacity.

A projector with a small size and low weight makes it convenient to carry, and a large battery and long battery life can last a long time at wilds.

Projector ModelsBenQ GV11BenQ GS50
Dimensions (WxHxD)113.5 x 153.3 x 140 mm186 x 154 x 146 mm
Net Weight (kg)0.97 kg2.3kg
Battery Capacity3000.0mAh6000.0mAh
Battery Life4h for music/2.6h for video2.5 hours

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50: Connectivity

The two projectors are similar in terms of wireless connectivity, but BenQ GS50 is better in terms of wired connections. BenQ GS50 has two HDMI 2.0 interfaces, which are better in compatibility and satisfy various needs.

Projector ModelsBenQ GV11BenQ GS50
Wireless Connectivity2.4G/5G Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.2  2.4G/5G Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.2  
InterfaceHDMI-1 (1.4b/HDCP1.4),
HDMI-Internal (1.4b/HDCP1.4)
USB Type A-1
(2.0/Power Supply1.0A/Reader)
Audio out (3.5mm Mini Jack)
HDMI-1 (2.0b/HDCP2.2)
HDMI-Internal (2.0b/HDCP2.2)
USB Type A-1
(2.0/Power Supply1.5A/Reader)
USB Type C DisplayPort/D
Audio out (3.5mm Mini Jack) x1

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50: Audio

Regarding speakers, BenQ GV11 has just one 5W speaker while BenQ GS50 has two 5W speakers and a 10W woofer. That is to say, the GS50 is more powerful and sonorous. In addition, as the GS50 has a woofer, it has better performance in terms of low pitch. As for noise, BenQ GV11 produces a noise of 23 dB while BenQ GS50 produces 29 dB. In other words, the noise from BenQ GS50 is slightly higher.  

Projector ModelsBenQ GV11BenQ GS50
Speaker(x1), 5W Chamber(x2) ,5W

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Projector ModelsBenQ GV11BenQ GS50
ProsLow cost
Small size
Long battery life
Higher brightness
High resolution
Water Proof
HDMI 2.1
ConsNot bright enough
Low resolution
Higher cost

Through the comparison above, we can clearly see that BenQ GS50 is better in terms of waterproofing, image quality, and audio. However, BenQ GV11 is better in lower cost, small size, and long battery life. If you have a limited budget, then you can choose BenQ GV11. But if you want a projector with high performance, you can just choose BenQ GS50.

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