Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800

Philips Screeneo U5 and Epson LS800 are both UST laser projectors that are released in 2022 and they have the same retail price of $3,499.99. What are the differences between the two projectors? Which is better?

Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800

Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800: Overview

Through the side-by-side comparison below, we can easily find that Epson LS800 is brighter in the image while Philips Screeneo U5 is better in smart features. In the next part, we will dig into their differences and find out the pros and cons of each projector.

Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800: Appearance

As for color, Philips Screeneo U5 has grey color while Epson LS800 has two optional colors, including black and white.

Philips Screeneo U5

They are similar in shape, especially the top panel, but Philips Screeneo U5 looks sleek. Regarding size and weight, Epson LS800 is a little bit bigger and heavier.

The two projectors all have pronounced logos on the top panel.

Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800: Light Source

The light source determines the brightness and lamp life of a projector. Laser light source has longer lamp life and higher brightness which is widely used in some high-end home theater projectors.

The two projectors have the same laser light source, but they are different in terms of lamp life. Philips Screeneo U5 has a long lamp life of 25,000 hours while Epson LS800 has just 20,000 hours.

ModelsPhilips Screeneo U5Epson LS800
Light SourceLaserLaser
Light Source Life25,000 hours20,000 hours

Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800: Image

The brightness is a core parameter for projectors, especially for users who usually use projectors during the daytime under ambient light. In terms of brightness, Philips Screeneo U5 has 2,200 ANSI lumens while Epson LS800 has 4,000 ANSI Lumens. In other words, Epson LS800 is brighter than the Screeneo projector.

In addition, Philips Screeneo U5 adopts DLP display technology while Epson LS800 has renowned 3LCD technology. Compared with DLP, 3LCD is less vulnerable to the rainbow effect.

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5Epson LS800
Brightness2,200 ANSI lumens4,000 ANSI Lumens
Resolution4K(3840×2160)4K (3840×2160)
Dolby VisionYes/
FocusElectric FocusManual Focus
Keystone8-points keystoneYes

Regarding imaging technology, Philips Screeneo U5 is smarter. The Philips Screeneo U5 supports Dolby Vision and delivers sharp images.

For image adjustment, the Philips Screeneo U5 supports electric focus and an 8-point (four corners, mid-vertical, and mid-horizontal) keystone, which is convenient and quick to adjust images.

Epson LS800 throw

Regarding the throw ratio, Epson LS800 has an edge over the Philips Screeneo U5. Epson LS800 has a throw ratio range of 0.16 – 0.40:1. If you want to save more space, then you can choose Epson LS800.

Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800: System

The two UST laser projectors are both powered by Android TV, and therefore, the two projectors both support Google Assistant and built-in Chromecast. But their home pages have slight differences.

d7f0dcModelPhilips Screeneo U5Epson LS800
SystemAndroid TVAndroid TV

Philips Screeneo U5 has a built-in memory of 2G RAM and 32G ROM while Epson LS800 doesn’t disclose the information. The memory can accelerate the response and enable users to download more files.

In addition, Philips Screeneo U5 has ALLM (auto game mode) while LS800 doesn’t. The input lag of Epson LS800 is measured at no more than 20ms.

Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800: Connectivity

The two projectors have good wireless connectivity, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Chromecast, meaning that you can connect the projector to external devices wirelessly and conveniently.

In terms of interfaces, Philips Screeneo U5 is equipped with two HDMI 2.1 while Epson LS800 has two HDMI 2.0. Compared with HDMI 2.0, HDMI 2.1 has an advance in bandwidth.

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5Epson LS800
Wireless ConnectivityWi-Fi/Bluetooth/ChromecastWi-Fi/Bluetooth/Chromecast
Interfaces2x HDMI 2.1
2x USB 2.0
1x RS-232
1x LAN
1x Coaxial
1x Jack 3.5
3 x HDMI 2.0
3 x USB 2.0-A
USB 2.0 Type B (Service Only)
1x Stereo Mini Out
Jack Plug out  

Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800: Audio

In terms of audio, the two projectors are both equipped with 20W speakers in total. However, Philips Screeneo U5 supports Dolby ATMOS while the Epson projector doesn’t.

Regarding noise, Philips Screeneo U5 produces 28.5dB while the Epson counterpart produces 32dB under normal conditions.

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5Epson LS800
Speaker20W in total20W stereo speaker
Dolby ATMOSYes/

Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800: Package

Compared to Epson LS800, Philips Screeneo U5 has one Express VPN Card.

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5Epson LS800
PackageScreeneo U5 x1
Remote Control x1
AAA Batteriesx2
AC Cables x4 (US, EU, UK, AUS)
Quick Start Guide x1
Warranty Card x1
Express VPN Card x1
Epson LS800 x1
Power Cable x1
Smart Remote Control x1
AAA Batteries x2
Quick Setup Guide x1

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Philips Screeneo U5 vs Epson LS800: Price

Now, the two projectors have disclosed the retail price. Philips Screeneo U5 is priced at $3,414 USD and has a discounted price of $1,758 USD on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. Epson LS800 is priced at $3,499 on its official website and on Amazon.

Though the discounted price of Philips Screeneo U5 is appealing, it has a late delivery. According to public information, the projector is estimated to ship in March 2023. In this sense, Epson LS800 has been listed on Amazon and you can get it quickly and know the user feedback beforehand.

Pros and Cons

Philips Screeneo U5


  • Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos
  • 3D
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Convenient Focus and Keystone
  • ALLM


  • Relatively lower brightness

Epson LS800


  • High Brightness
  • Less vulnerable to Rainbow Effect
  • Extremely-Short Throw
  • Good Color Performance
  • Android TV
  • Yamaha Built-in Speakers


  • No 3D
  • HDMI 2.0 only


To conclude, Philips Screeneo U5 has many stunning new features, such as electric focus, 8-point keystone, built-in memory, ALLM, and 3D functions, but Epson LS800 is better in terms of image brightness, contrast, and extremely short throw.

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