Epson LS800 (Full name: Epson EpiqVision EH-LS800) is a new project released in September. Epson claims that the projector is a “super-ultra-short-throw projector”, which has a throw ratio of 0.16:1, greatly saving space for your living room. Let’s uncover the secrets of this projector and go deep into its details.

Epson LS800 Review

In this section, the appearance, image performance, throw ratio, system, connectivity, smart features, audio, and price of the Epson LS800 will be introduced one by one.

Epson LS800 Review: Appearance

Epson LS800 has two optional colors including black (Model name: EH-LS800B) and white (Model name: EH-LS800W). There is a long and deep groove on the top panel to locate the lens module, which is similar to most UST laser projectors on the market. The projector has a front panel decorated with fabric to make a soft and comfortable touch.

The power button and multiple interfaces are located on the right panel. The overall design is typical of Epson projectors, which feature brief and elegant designs without redundant decorations.

As for weight and size, Epson LS800 has a regular size for home projectors, which measures 695‎ x 341 x 156 mm (Width x Depth x Height) for dimensions and weighs 12.3 kg.

Epson LS800 Review: Image

When speaking of image performance, Epson LS800 adopts renowned 3LCD display technology, delivering vivid images with rich colors. For brightness, the projector adopts a laser as the light source, which is rated at 4,000 lumens in accordance with ISO 21118:2020. You can enjoy movies on this projector even during the daytime. The 4K Pro UHD resolution and the high contrast of 2,500,000: 1 bring rich details and stunning clarity to the projection image.

Epson LS800 Review

Image size plays an important role in the viewing effect. The projector has a max screen size of 150 inches, providing an immersive viewing effect. The projection distance range is within 0.3 m – 0.5 m.

Though the screen size is not big enough compared with some projectors with longer throws, Epson LS800 has a bigger screen size than most UST laser projectors available on the market.

Epson LS800 Review: Throw Ratio

The throw ratio is the top consideration when choosing a UST projector or laser TV. Epson LS800 has a throw ratio of 0.16 – 0.40:1, meaning that you can place the projector 28.5cm away from the wall to project a 150-inch screen. You can also use the Zoom function to adjust the image size.

Its throw ratio (0.16:1) is shorter than most UST laser projectors on the market. For example, VAVA Chroma has a throw ratio of 0.233:1, and BenQ V7050i has a throw ratio of 0.252:1.

Epson LS800 Review: System

Epson LS800 is powered by Android TV and you can enjoy some Google-related services conveniently. You can also download various apps from Google Play Store conveniently. It also has a built-in Chromecast so that you can cast screens from various devices conveniently. The configuration is similar to the common laser TV on the market.

It labels an input lad of 20ms, which is also suitable for playing games at home.

Epson LS800 Review: Connectivity

As for connectivity, Epson LS800 supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect some wireless devices conveniently. For wired connections, the UST laser projector is also equipped with versatile interfaces, including three USB Type A, three HDMI interfaces (HDCP 2.3), and audio output. The HDMI interface is compatible with HDCP 2.3, satisfying the various needs of different platforms.

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Epson LS800 Review: Smart Features

The projector supports Google Voice Control and you can control the projector with a vocal command. The built-in Chromecast makes the screencast convenient and quick.

In addition, the projector is compliant with Epson iProjection App and you can display various documents from your phone to the projector. Besides, the Quick Corner correction, digital zoom, and frame interpolation are also useful.

Epson LS800 Review

It is a pity that this UST laser projector doesn’t support 3D.

Epson LS800 Review: Audio

With a 2.1-channel speaker system, Epson LS800 has built-in 20W speakers and integrates Yamaha’s cutting-edge technology such as FR-Port, DSP, and AudioEngine, delivering 3D surround sound. If you want a better sound, you can also connect the projector to an external Bluetooth speaker.

Epson LS800 Review: Price

Epson LS800 is priced at £3,299.99 (about $3,800), a reasonable price compared with most UST projectors (laser TVs) on the market. You can compare the prices of hot UST laser projectors by means of the table below.

ModelsEpson LS800Formovie THEATEROptoma CinemaX P2Samsung Premiere LSP9THisense PX1-PROBenQ V7050i

Pros and Cons

Epson LS800


  • 4K resolution
  • 4,000 Lumens
  • Android TV
  • Good Colors


  • No 3D
  • Bulky

Epson LS800 Specs

See the Parameters of the Epson LS800 below.

ModelEpson LS800
Brightness4,000 Lumens
Resolution4K PRO UHD
Contrast2,500,000: 1
Light SourceLaser
Lamp Life20,000 hours
Projection Size80 inches – 150 inches
Throw Ratio0.16 – 0.40:1
SystemAndroid TV
Keystone CorrectionYes
Dimension69.5 x 34.1 x 15.6 cm
Weight12.3 kg
Input Lag20ms
PortsUSB 2.0-A (3x)
USB 2.0 Type B (Service Only)
Jack Plug out
HDMI (HDCP 2.3) (3x)
S/PDIF Optical Out 
Sound  20W stereo speaker

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Epson LS800 is good for home use in view of its super short throw of 0.16:1 and 4,000 lumens. In addition, its Android TV system and good wireless connectivity make external connection convenient and quick. Compared with other similar models of the brand, Epson LS800 is also cost-efficient in view of its laser light source, 4,000 lumens, and 4K resolution.

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