Epson LS800 VS Epson LS500

Epson LS800 is a new UST (Ultra Short Throw) projector released in early September. The projector has many things in common with Epson LS500. In this guide, we will compare the two projectors from different perspectives, including appearance, image, throw ratio, smart features, connectivity, and audio, helping you to know their differences.

Epson LS800 VS Epson LS500: Overview

Epson LS800 and Epson LS500 are both UST laser projectors. They have the same 4K resolution and the same brightness of 4,000 lumens, but Epson LS800 is better in cost-efficiency, image contrast, smart features, and audio.

Epson LS800 VS Epson LS500: Appearance

Epson LS800 and Epson LS500 both have two optional colors, including black and white.

 Epson LS800
Epson LS800

Epson LS800 is similar to Epson LS500 in terms of the front panel and they both have a front panel made of cloth with rich textures. The lens module of the Epson LS800 is located at the long groove of the top panel while Epson LS500 has a mounted optical module on the top panel of the projector.

 Epson LS500
Epson LS500

In terms of dimension and weight, Epson LS500 is slightly lighter and smaller.

ModelsEpson LS800Epson LS500
Optional ColorsWhite/BlackWhite/Black
Dimension69.5 x 34.1 x 15.6 cm45.7 x 37.3 x 22.9 cm
Weight12.3 kg9.3 kg

Epson LS800 VS Epson LS500: Image

Epson LS800 and Epson LS500 have the same 4,000 lumens (measured in accordance with ISO 21118:2020) and 4K Pro UHD resolution. However, Epson LS800 has a higher contrast and bigger projection size than Epson LS500. Higher contrast means the image has more details and gradation and bigger screen provides immersive viewing experience.

ModelsEpson LS800Epson LS500
Brightness4,000 Lumens4,000 Lumens
Resolution4K PRO UHD4K PRO UHD
Contrast2,500,000: 12,000,000:1
Image Size80 inches – 150 inches70 inches – 130 inches

Epson LS800 VS Epson LS500: Throw Ratio

For UST projectors, the throw ratio is critical. The shorter the throw ratio and the short the throw distance to get a big image.

Through the table below, we can see that Epson LS800 has a shorter throw ratio than Epson LS500. In other words, it takes a shorter distance for Epson LS800 than Epson LS500 to project the same image size.

ModelsEpson LS800Epson LS500
Throw Ratio0.16 – 0.40:10.28:1-0.38:1

If you want to place your projector on a TV cabinet, then you need to pick a projector with a shorter throw ratio.

Epson LS800 VS Epson LS500: Smart Features

Compared with Epson LS800, Epson LS500 is poor in terms of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but the projector supports 3D function.

If a projector has Wi-Fi, you can connect it to Wi-Fi conveniently without connecting it to a wired LAN. If your projector has Bluetooth, then you can connect it to a Bluetooth speaker conveniently. The 3D function enables you to watch 3D movies by wearing a pair of matched 3D glasses.

ModelsEpson LS800Epson LS500

Epson LS800 VS Epson LS500: Connectivity

HDMI is an important interface for projectors. Compared with Epson LS500, Epson LS800 supports HDCP 2.3, a higher version than HDCP 2.2. Some copyrighted content requires HDMI cables compatible with HDCP.

ModelsEpson LS800Epson LS500
PortsUSB 2.0-A (3x)
USB 2.0 Type B (Service Only)
Jack Plug out
HDMI (HDCP 2.3) (3x)
Audio Out 1x (Stereo mini)
HDMI: 3x 2.0 (18 Gbps)/HDCP 2.2
(1 ARC, 1 in front used by Android TV dongle)
RS-232C 1x
USB Type A 2x
(one in front used by the Android TV dongle)
LAN (RJ-45) 1x

Epson LS800 VS Epson LS500: Audio

Epson LS800 has a 2.1-channel sound system by YAMAHA. Yamaha’s unique FR-Port technology, DSP technology, and AudioEngine deliver a dynamic audio experience. Epson LS500 has two 10W speakers. Epson LS800 has a more powerful sound system. In addition, Epson LS800 supports Bluetooth and you can connect it to a Bluetooth speaker based on your preference.

ModelsEpson LS800Epson LS500
Sound  20W stereo speaker2*10W stereo speaker

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Compared with Epson LS500, Epson LS800 costs less money and performs better in image contrast, projection size, throw ratio, and wireless connectivity. However, Epson LS500 supports 3D and has lower input lag.

Epson LS800 is more cost-effective on the whole, but if you prefer gaming performance and 3D function, you can choose Epson LS500.

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