Philips Screeneo U5 is a new UST 4K laser projector following the release of Philips Screeneo U4. Compared with Philips Screeneo U4, the new projector has improved a lot in resolution, brightness, audio, system, and more. What are the features of the new projector? In this post, we will review the new projector from different perspectives.

Philips Screeneo U5 Review

In this section, we will review the projector in terms of appearance, image, throw ratio, system, connectivity, sound, and price.

Philips Screeneo U5 Review: Appearance

Philips Screeneo U5 has the typical appearance of a UST projector, which is flat in shape and has a lens module nestled in the long groove of the projector. In terms of color matching, it adopts silver grey and black color, delivering an elegant and brief style. You can see a centered Philips logo and a 4K HDR mark on the top panel.

Regarding dimensions and weight, Philips Screeneo U5 measures 485mmx151mmx325mm (WxHxD) and weighs 9.7 kgs. The height of the projector is a little bit higher than the other common UST projectors.

Philips Screeneo U5 Review: Image

The projector adopts laser as the light source and has a lamp life of 25,000 hours. For brightness, Philips Screeneo U5 is rated at 2,200 ANSI Lumens and delivers bright images.

Philips Screeneo U5 features 4K resolution, HDR 10, and Dolby Vision, producing sharp and colorful images. As for the color gamut, it has 130% coverage of REC709 and shows a lifelike picture.

Compared with other hot UST laser projectors in the market, the brightness of the projector is relatively low.

ParametersFormovie TheaterLeica Cine 1VAVA ChromaPhilips Screeneo U5
Brightness2,800 Lumens2,500 lumens2,500 lumens2,200 lumens

Regarding image size, it can project an image size range of 80-150inches, but the 120-inch image is recommended as it has the best viewing effect.

Keystone and focus are also critical functions for a UST laser projector. Philips Screeneo U5 supports 8-point corner correction and electric focus, meaning that you can adjust the image conveniently. The 8-point corner correction can calibrate the image quickly and conveniently.

More importantly, the projector is compatible with 3D and you can play 3D movies conveniently at home.

Philips Screeneo U5 Review: Throw Ratio

The throw ratio is a core parameter for a UST laser projector. Philips Screeneo U5 laser projector has an ultra-short throw of 0.21:1 and projects a giant image within a short distance.

Compared with hot UST projectors on the market, the throw ratio of Philips Screeneo U5 is relatively short.

ParametersFormovie TheaterLeica Cine 1VAVA ChromaPhilips Screeneo U5
Throw Ratio0.23:10.25:10.233:10.21:1

It requires 28.1cm for Philips Screeneo U5 to project a 120-inch screen and 42cm to project a 150-inch screen. You can use this projector calculator to calculate more image size and corresponding throw distance. A short throw distance means that you can enjoy a big image without occupying a big space.

Philips Screeneo U5 Review: System

The Philips Screeneo U5 projector is powered by Android TV and compatible with OK Google and Chromecast. A built-in Android TV can bring you convenient access to Google-related services including YouTube and common streaming apps without connecting the projector to a TV stick.

It carries an MT9629 chip and MALI-G52 GPU. The Philips Screeneo U5 is also equipped with 3G RAM and 32G ROM to allow you to store more offline resources.

Philips Screeneo U5 Review: Connectivity

It has also good wireless connectivity and wired connectivity. For wireless connectivity, Philips Screeneo U5 supports Bluetooth 5.1 and 2.4 + 5Ghz dual-band Wi-Fi. It is convenient to connect the projector to network or Bluetooth speakers wirelessly.

As the projector has a built-in Chromecast, you can connect it to projectors conveniently.

For wired connectivity, the projector has dual USB-A interfaces, dual HDMI 2.1 interfaces, and SPDIF interface to allow you to connect the projector to various external devices such as flash drives, hard drives, Apple TV, Amazon fire TV, Roku stick, computers, smartphones, and Blu-ray player.

Philips Screeneo U5 Review: Sound

Philips Screeneo U5 is equipped with a powerful sound system, which is equipped with 2.2 channels, 20 W speakers, and a dedicated DSP. It supports Dolby Atmos, DTS HD, and Dolby Digital 5.1 and delivers room-filling sound.

As for noise, it produces 28.5 dB under normal operation, a common and acceptable value for UST laser projectors.

Philips Screeneo U5 Review: Price

According to the information on Indiegogo, Philips Screeneo U5 starts from €1,699 EUR (about $1712) as it has 48% off. That is to say, the retail price of the Philips Screeneo U5 projector is about $3,323.

Philips Screeneo U5 Specs

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5
Brightness2,200 ANSI lumens
Color Gamut130% BT.709
Contrast Ratio1483:1
Throw Ratio0.21:1
Light SourceLaser
Light Source Life25,000 hours
Keystone Adjustment8 points (4 corners and mid-V/H)
Built-in OSAndroid TV 11
BluetoothBluetooth 5.1
Wi-Fi2.4 + 5G Wi-Fi
Dimensions (WxHxD)485x151x325mm
Net Weight (kg)9.7kgs
Speaker20W in total
Interface1x HDMI 2.1with CEC
1x HDMI 2.1 with eARC and CEC
2x USB 2.0 with media player (5V 2A)
1x RS-232
1x LAN
1x Coaxial
1x Jack 3.5

Philips Screeneo U5 Pros and Cons


  • 4K Resolution
  • Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Android TV


  • Not Bright Enough
  • Lower Contrast


To conclude, Philips Screeneo U5 has an outstanding image performance in view of its 4K resolution and Dolby Vision and powerful system, but the image brightness is slightly weak compared with common UST laser projectors. In addition, projectors compatible with both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are not common in the market.

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