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How to Pick a Proper Projector?

There are so many projectors in the market making us confused. It is hard to define best, but relatively easy to pick a proper one.

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Projector light source lumens and ANSI lumens difference

About light source lumens and ANSI lumens explanation,the standard unit of projector brightness is ANSI lumens

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Projector vs TV: which is better?

Which is better, a projector or a TV? You can find out by analyzing the pros and cons of projectors and TVs.

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DLP and LCD Projector which is better?

The disadvantage of DLP is that it is prone to rainbow effect and the disadvantage of LCD projector is that the contrast ratio is average.

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DLP VS 3LCD Projector: Which is Better?|Display Technology

3LCD color performance is more bright, good reproduction, but for some movies more black and white field slightly worse than the picture

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What are the benefits of smart projectors

Getting the big picture can be a big chore–and expensive. Just try hauling a 65-inch TV up a flight of stairs or setting it up

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How to buy a home projector? 10 points to note

How to buy a home smart projector, today I will share with you the knowledge of projection, mainly look at the following 10 points.

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Nebula Capsule Max vs Capsule II: Which is Better?

That supports my general rule of thumb with portable projectors: you get what you pay for.

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3 core parameters of projector screen

The three core parameters for purchasing a projector screen are screen gain, viewing angle, and color reproduction.