TV pros

  1. High picture quality: Compared with projectors, TV sets have a wider color gamut which can restore the colors to a greater extent.
  2. High brightness: TVs have higher image brightness, allowing users to easily watch movies and TV shows during the day without pulling the curtains.
  3. More affordable: TV sets are less expensive, with a 60-inch TV with 4K resolution costing about $600.

TV cons

  1. The screen size can not be changed: the screen size of the TV is fixed, the big screen TV on the market now is about 110 inches, and the larger the screen the more expensive.
  2. Inconvenient to move: even a 60-inch TV set is very heavy, which needs two people to move. The position is hard to move.
  3. Radiation problem: TV sets adopts direct light source, and the screen light irradiates directly to the human eye. The stimulation is relatively severe, more likely to damage the eyes, especially for children.

Projector pros

  1. Easy to carry: now the projectors are very light in weight. You can move its position at will, especially for a portable projector. As it comes with a battery, so whether at home, or traveling,you can carry and use it conveniently.
  2. Flexible screen size: you can control the size of the projection screen by adjusting the distance of the projection, and enjoy the thrill of an immersive large screen at any time.
  3. Eye protection: the light of the projection screen is formed by the principle of diffuse reflection, so the damage to the eyes is relatively low, highly reducing the damage to the eyes.

Projector cons

  1. Low brightness: projector brightness than the TV is low, so the projector in the daytime performance is not as good as the TV, which needs to pull up the curtains for normal viewing.
  2. Complicated operation:once the projector is moved, the screen needs to be re-adjusted, but the high-end projectors have auto-focus and auto-keystone correction function, no longer need to manually adjust after moving. Some tradition lamp-based projectors evev require bulb replacement.
  3. Loud noise: some low-end projector adopts many fans for heat dissipation, resulting in loud noise, bringing a bad viewing experience.

The difference between projector and TV

  1. Screen size

In terms of screen size, the size of the TV is fixed, while the projector is changeable, which can project images of 30-300 inches. The large screen can give you the feeling of being surrounded by the screen, and this immersive experience of the projector is much better than the TV.

  1. Damage to the eyes

As the projector screen adopts diffuse reflection light, bringing soft light and no flicker of the screen. The eye damage from the projector is relatively low. When the user watches the TV screen, the light shines directly into the eyes, which makes the eyes more susceptible to the blue light. Along with the flickering screen, the eyes are very easily fatigued, which is very harmful to the eyes.

  1. Occupy space

The larger the size of the TV, the larger the area occupied, and most of the time, the home also has to be dedicated to set a TV wall. Projectors only need to have a white wall to use, and many users are beginning to take advantage of the location of the ceiling, lying on the big bed watching the giant screen.

Everything has pros and cons. You can pick a proper one according to your actual needs. If you are renting a room, the projector is the best choice because it is portable. But if you like watching videos during the daytime frequently and pursue high image quality, you can choose TV. Of course, you can buy both TV and projector, one is placed in the living room, and the other in the bedroom.

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