CINEMOOD Storyteller projector is able to read flash drive, but it depends on what kind of flash drive you have, because the mothod may differs. We present you two methods to connect your flash drive to CINEMOOD Storyteller projector. Please keep on reading to find out.

CINEMOOD Storyteller projector

If what you have is a standard USB flash-drive, then CINEMOOD Storyteller projector is able to indentiy and read your flash drive, but only with the assistance of OTG-cable.

1) Buy an OTG-cable in any e-store;

2) Insert your flash-drive to one end of an OTG-cable, and then use another end to connect OTG-cable to your CINEMOOD.

If you have a micro-USB flash-drive, that would be more simple.

1) Just insert a micro-USB flash-drive into your CINCINEMOOD Storyteller projector’s micro USB port.

2)A dialog will appear in the main menu, holding all the files that were pre-installed on your flash-drive. 

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